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About Infinty Pools

Being well aware with the philosophy that pools have the power to transform the luxury of your homes into an aesthetic charm, we at Infinity Pools work towards the field of bringing luxury swimming pools at your doorstep.

With over 26 years of experience and knowledge we are the most trustworthy and reliable swimming pool buildersin Delhithat have a huge portfolio of more than 400 pools construction for both the residential as well as commercial properties. Our dedicated team members strive to bring excellence to your dream and within your budget.

We are also a renowned brand in the bringing out the good quality accessories and the high end classic landscaping services to our customers within the given deadlines and assure you with the timely delivery of our services.

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Our Vision

We are working towards to impart our durable services with complete satisfaction to your desires and aim to build a great dream pool for yourself in the most innovative and unique manner.

Our Mission

With the help and support of our esteemed and distinguished team we are working towards to bring out the luxurious swimming pools for our clients in the most innovative manner.

We are working hard to provide you with the excellent amount of resources in the form of various other kinds services in the field that will completely transform you with the superb perfection.

  •       26+ years of pool building and construction
  •       400+ pools installed both for residential and commercial purposes.
  •       Wide Range of Pool Designs and Accessories
  •       Renowned Designers and Architects
  •       Experienced and Dedicated Team
  •       Turnkey Solutions
  •       Timely Delivery
  •       Professional Approach with Assured Guarantee
  • Get the pool of your dreams at your doorstep with the help of Infinity Pools. Our well experienced and dedicated team members help in providing you with the best designing, construction and maintenance of swimming pools in the city.

    Completely understanding the fact that it requires years of decision making and a good amount of investment in the construction of a swimming pool, we take away all your worries and give your property a complete transformation with the beautiful and customized swimming pool as well as spa as per your requirement and need.

    In today's scenario, it is a luxury and a class to have leisure facilities like swimming pools at your residential property. Therefore we work in coordination of our clients to provide them with best in class swimming pools culminated with latest technology and trendy fashion.

    As per the requirement of our clients, we offer them with the turnkey solutions of their swimming pool project both for the residential as well as the commercial purposes.With over 26 years of experience, we are a renowned name among the swimming pools builders as well as are reliable residential and commercial swimming pool contractors.

    During each and every step of the project, our dedicated team members responsible for your project pay extra attention in implementing the design of swimming pool with a calculative measuring of the ground and proper levelling is done so that you are able to enjoy the swimming pool for years to come.

    Each of the pool constructed from our end is designed and constructed through following the standard code of principle and regulations that impart complete makeover to your property.

    We offer you with a top notch quality of structure at the most affordable rates. Simply contact us to get the most reliable and durable swimming pool services.

    Water is ethereal and can provide a pleasure to the senses. Everyone wants their site to look elegant and beautiful and what can be achieved than a fountain of various innovating designs and shapes. We at Infinity Pools provide you with the best fountains with awesome effects in synchronized with the fountains.

    Our well-experienced team members have the power to transform your idea into reality by taking away all your worries and pressures related to the designing and shaping of the fountains according to your site.

    We have huge amount of exposure in the static, cascaded, pond less and musical kind of fountains as per the need and requirement of the client, we have a full provision of the facilities to execute the project with the turnkey facilities so that you are able to get the tension free fountain attributed to your site.

    Keeping in mind the aesthetic sense and blend in mind, our team members prepare the accurate design for the fountains for your site and the project is started after seeking your prior approval. We totally believe that aesthetic value and beauty is what we have to retain while constructing fountains, therefore our team of architects and designers ensures to completely plan out on the conceptual design and systematic strategy in a productive manner so that you are able to get the best fountain created over your property site.

    Our team is having a great knowledge about planning as per the residential site as well as the commercial site. All the fixations that are required in the due course of time like the nozzles, pumps, lights etc are easily looked after by us without you getting worried over the fixations.

    Our timely support and meeting of the deadlines have made us a renowned expert in the field of fountains that are constructed with high-quality material.

    Whether you are having a residential property or a commercial site, landscaping contributes the most important segment to beautify the site with the natural environment and atmosphere. We at Infinity Pools try to bring this beautification of landscaping to your property through our reliable and most trustworthy services.

    Our landscape architects also provide you with complete one to one solution and consultation so that you are able to get the best garden in various other shape along with some of the best accessories available in the market for a good amount of use.

    We extend our great support and dedication in various segments if landscaping i.e consultation, execution, planning and designing, maintenance, soft landscaping etc depending upon the requirement and budget of each of our clients. To provide our client with comfort and satisfaction we work out on turnkey solutions in which all you have to do to sit relax and simply provide your ideas and we assure to complete with good quality materials.

    Landscaping is one of the prime asset which is always looked out while constructing a property and also signify the prime importance in terms of making your property look vibrant and pretty in the eyes of the beholder. For our esteemed clients, we have a dedicated team of horticulture experts that take away all your dilemma regarding the vertical garden as well as the kind of waterfalls that you are planning to act as an add-on over the landscaping etc.

    It is after the proper inspection of the site done by our team members that we work towards the planning as well as designing of the natural environment around your property so that we are able to provide complete justice to your requirement. We also look after the maintenance segment in order to retain the freshness and spirit of your lawn alive.

    A Jacuzzi is a complete bliss to the eyes and senses as it takes you away to another new world that offers you with the complete amount of satisfaction and rejuvenates you from the amazing hydrotherapy of the waters. As we at Infinity pools work towards the designing and proper construction with the air hot models and complete heat water system we offer you with the luxurious Jacuzzi experience at your doorstep. Now you will not have to worry to get that perfect experience and can easily make your day a perfect one.

    Each of our team members aims towards making you get the best experience of your life without making any amount of trouble for yourself. You will enjoy every contour of the water so that there are no regrets within you to get the symphony of fun and amusement.

    With the mixing of our team's knowledge and experience with your love towards a particular kind of Jacuzzi, we specially work towards the provision of best in class Jacuzzi for you. The expertise in the construction and building of Jacuzzi had made us embark the latest technologies that are collectively infused.

    We specially design such kind of Jacuzzi that are not only portable but also provide great amount of versatility in the amount of usage both indoors as well as outdoors depending upon your requirement and need.

    After a prior consultation with you by our representative, we try to bring out great Jacuzzi designs that will surely compliment your spa and sauna area at a much greater manner. All you have to do is to simply add lovely fragrances of essential oils and simply enjoy the bath.

    All our designs are indeed unique and a personalized one that can easily fill you with utmost happiness and relaxation. Simply relieve all your tensions and make each day of your life a happening one.

    In the modular bathrooms and in the hospitality sector the hot steamy spa and sauna is in great demand these days. It not only relax your mind by simply taking away all the stress that exists in your life but also work towards rejuvenating your mood and give a classy style to your property.

    We at Infinity Pools take it as our pride to provide customized and personalized steam sauna products at affordable rates and give a competitive edge to our clients in a much better way. From providing consultation to our clients to designing steam rooms we have a well-experienced team to carry out the responsibilities in such a way that can match to the excellent demands of our customers.

    Totally understanding the fact that steam sauna is good for health and fitness we designed the rooms in such a manner that our clients can spend hours in the steam room and can get the best of experience with utmost safety and security. From aching muscle joints, detoxifying your body and burning the extra amount of calories you are able to get all the benefits by simply hiring us to build the most innovative steam sauna for your need.

    Each of the glass material and the bespoke technology with which we design our sauna rooms will completely make you feel great. After analyzing the site in the proper manner to check upon the exact design that will look superb on your site we design with in-class technology and give you a feel of excellence at a much amazing manner. We completely enhance the look of your sauna room with attractive tiles as well as mosaic atmosphere to make it look like the best sauna room.

    Each of the design is curated by the help of exquisite designers and architects who can give a blend of beauty with a simple stroke.

    Adding good amount of accessories in your swimming pool will help to beautify your pool and add a classy composure to your pool. Therefore it is very necessary to have good variety of pool accessories infused with the latest technologies should be installed in your swimming pool.

    Implementing our energies in a proper manner, we at Infinity Pools also offer a wide variety of pool accessories so that your pool can be able to get the glimpse of the desired quality with the top notch materials. Our in-house staff members work towards the enhancement and designing of the latest trend of accessories like the pool tiles, fittings, lights, faucets etc to make our customers feel free from all the tensions and worries of their pools.

    Each of our pool accessories is specially prepared by our designers keeping in mind the latest trend and fashion in the pool segment and equipment industry and always ensure that you have a best pool across the town that will easily be glowing with the supreme pride and honour to offer you with the good facility.

    After checking each product we deliver the timeless pool accessories to you so that you are able to enjoy the view and beauty of your swimming pool in a much happy manner. All the accessories are corrosion resistant and provide you a guarantee of the products. Through using our pool accessories you are able to enjoy the reliability and durability at a much larger time period, unlike the other pool accessories that tend to start getting rust.

    Whether you have a commercial property or a residential one, we have good quality equipment for all of them. So simply contact us without getting worried on how to make your pool look beautiful and elegant. We are a renowned name in providing stylish and contemporary pool accessories.

    Infinity Pools - Quality In Every Step

    Step #1


    As your pool will be permanent fixture, its precise layout, architecture and dimensions are of primary importance. Infinity Pools craftsmen take the time to measure, set the elevations and assure the proper placement of your pool, according to your predetermined specifications.

    Step #2


    Following the layout of your pool, excavation takes place, carefully and accurately, to insure the precise configuration of its shell.

    Step #3

    Steel/Brick Work

    Strengthening bars wires firmly together create a grid that ultimately acts as the backbone of your pool. The steel is then reinforced by a continuous 10-inch bond beam. The result is a complete support system making up the shell of the pool.

    Step #4


    Infinity Pools plumbing system, the very heart of your pool, is specifically designed to operate efficiently and trouble –free – a guarantee we're confident of because this thorough system includes Patented Anthony Equipment. The pump, filter, and selector valve are Infinity Pools quality, Anthony assured.

    Step #5


    Packed solidly into the steel reinforcement, the high strength gunite, becomes the foundation for further pool construction. It is uniquely applied through a power spray of compressed air, driven through an adjustable nozzle. Highly qualified operators precisely set and constantly monitor the density of the mix.

    Step #6


    Attention to detail is crucial in this step, when your pool begins to reflect its style and design.

    Step #7


    When your patio or deck is installed, you begin to see the true color of your dream materialize. The ultimate South Florida lifestyle is just around the corner.

    Step #8

    Start up

    After the pool is filled and just before you take that first plunge, electrical hook-ups are completed. Plumbing lines are checked and the filter and pump are activated.

    Step #9


    To insure that Infinity Pools standards are maintained, each phase of construction is inspected by our own field supervisory personnel.